Phuket has a horse boarding/co-op/ lesson facility with US/UK standards and foreigner managed with compassionate care for your private or shared horse. Andaman Horse Center Co., Ltd. is located off Route 4018, just north of Bang-Tao Bay in Layan Beach Village.

Located on two acres within a gorgeous and still pristine natural setting just a few minutes ride from a National Forest Reserve and the Marine Park along the stunning eight-kilometer long Bang-Tao Beach.

The Schooling Circle and a Portion of the Running Track

- Please scroll three quarters down this page for directions and a satelite map of location.

-Pricing is on the "About," page.

-The Center offers naturally based, free moving horse-boarding, innovative co-op sharing and training lessons in beginner to intermediate riding, horse-keeping and stable management.

- PLEASE NOTE; AHC is NOT a public hourly trail or beach rental stable. Horse riding is open to pre-arranged lesson clients, or shared horse owners only. Aside from Lamburg, The Lesson Pony, the horses pictured are rescues from local beach rental stables. AHC always welcomes casual visitors between 8 am and 5 pm, but an email, appointment or phone call is best if you wish to discuss boarding or lesson details with management.

With the success of Lamburg the Rider Pony's 18th Birthday Pony-ride party, on June 30, (with 30 rides in all, thank you, Lamburg-a real trooper, party pics on photo page,..) AHC will now also offer children's pony rides and/or petting sessions and can also host birthday parties. Yay !!

Contact Details;

(English) Mobile phone; Christy Sweet ( 66 ) 084 842 4581

Email Contact; Info@PhuketHorseRescue.Com

Alternative E Mail;

Location; 51/68 Moo 6, (Layan Village,) Soi (Street)# 7, Thalang District, Phuket Province, Thailand 83110.

Mail to; Andaman Horse Center, Co., Ltd., c/o Christy Sweet, P.O. Box # 38, Thalang Post Office, Thalang, Phuket, Thailand, 83110.

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Bang Tao Beach, Midway Point Looking South

The facility offers a 30 meter schooling/lunging ring, and a 40 x 70 meter area suitable for jumping. It is immediately adjacent to local trails with no dangerous highways to cross or tourists to dodge, and on the edge of a National Forest Reserve. The stunning, 8 kilometer long Bang-Tao Beach is a short ride away and there is also a track-like area for safe and fun flat out galloping!!

Beginner's lessons can be conducted in Thai or English, with properly sized and safe equipment for children. Currently, beginner to intermediate horse riding training is from myself, a rider with over 40 years experience on horses. The Center hopes to add another instructor soon for more advanced riders also interested in jumping, dressage or eventing and is also open to using horses for therapies and other activities.

A Young Student Learns Bitless Riding

Below, The Jumping Area

IN addition to the regular early morning half hour of intense exercise- 5 days a week at least, AHC features the essential necessity of horsecare , liberal turn-out. Horses are rarely enclosed in stalls and get two hours , both early morning, and again pre-supper, late afternoon field turnout where they can safely mingle in spaces large enough to run, buck, graze and otherwise be a horse in.

In the mid-day heat of the tropics, they enjoy protection of a six meter high, heat reflecting roof over large, airy stalls.

Below: Siam a 16,3 hand Thoroughbred, and Pony-Boy, a pure Thai-Breed gelding.

Of course, the horses are fed only the finest quality Pangola grass hay, grown in Thailand's rich agricultural heartland and top-shelf supplemental feed along with filtered rainwater catchment for drinking.

" Best Care,...Anywhere !! "

B. Girl's Best Mustang Imitation

It is also the site of Phuket Horse Rescue and a home for many other rescued animals. Please see http://PhuketHorseRescue.Com


Above: Siam, aka, "Big-Red, 'Big-Guy, 'Hansum Man," is an erstwhile, mercurial racer with chronic injuries rescued by a caring couple from an hourly beach rental business over five years ago. He is unable to carry student riders safely, but is so gorgeous, he may have a career in horse modeling. Horsus Schenkenberg !!



Located at the north end of Bang-Tao Bay within Layan Village, off Soi 7, (Street # 7,) nestled beneath the luxurious Vichuda Hills and La Colline villa developments. Heading north on Rte 4018, right on Layan, Soi 7, go 50 meters, make a right. Proceed 1 k,make another right onto concrete lane. About 200 meters, bear right to very end of gravel lane.

( Look for the blue signs !)

From South Bang-Tao Villages and Surin, Kamala and Patong Beaches;

Turn LEFT ( west) at the Cherng-Telay Police Station and at the next traffic light, (which is Ban Don Road,) bear LEFT, travel through the commercial block to the next road and make a RIGHT at Bake Restaurant, onto Koktannod Road.

Continued below....,(1)

Or, an alternative route from CherngTelay/ Pasak area; At the light before the entrance to Laguna which is a Y fork with Laguna Resorts billboard, turn RIGHT (north) onto Ban-Don road, aka Route 4030. Go about 3.2 ( three, point two ) kilometers to Ban-Don, the village and make a LEFT onto route 4018 (at the sharp curve near the open market .) Continue about 5.6 (five,point six) kilometers to Layan and follow directions from below- (2)

From central Bang-Tao Beach and Laguna Hotels ;

-Turn LEFT ( north) at BAKE restaurant onto Pasak/ Katanod Road.

Continued ( 1 ) ...Travel 3.2 (three,point two) kilometers through Laguna homes, the golf course and vacant lots until the road ends at T junction, which is Rte. 4018. Turn LEFT, and continue for 2.2 (two, point two ) kilometers to Layan. Continued below (2)

(NOTE; At this intersection is the best ever BBQ chicken stand, closed on Sunday, though.)

From the south and Phuket Town; Route 402 north toward airport. LEFT (west) onto route 4030 at Thalang traffic lights. Continue 3. 4 kilometers to Ban Don Village. Passing a temple complex, then a street side market, another 300 meters make a RIGHT (north) onto route 4018. Continue 5. 6 kilometers, heading north (westerly) on Route 4018, toward Layan Village and Nai Thon Beach.


Once in Layan area, you are passing many gated condo developments on the right, such as The Pavilions, Layan Estates and the entrance to Sirinath National Park (at Layan, Soi 2) on the left.

Just past a police box at Layan Village, the road begins to head uphill. Travel about 700 meters, on the right, look for Soi # 7, turn RIGHT, go about 50 meters to Y fork, turn RIGHT, travel 900 meters to next turn, RIGHT onto small concrete lane, 200 meters to gravel road, then 25 meters to end.

Look up for the Blue Flag flying over the stable !

Andaman Horse Center Co., Ltd., is 99.98% foreigner owned, and is registered under protection of the US/Thai Amity Treaty.

" Best Care,....Anywhere !!"

Siam Schenkenberg, Horse Model- Enjoys Turn-out !

NOTE: About harassment regarding my rescue and 6 years of continued care of horses; ( view please forgive these statements on the business site, but I feel abusive and outright wrong allegations must be countered. If you have any information, or if you see any message that you agree is harassing defamation , libel or suspect, please forward it to me along with any identifying information you can glean to

Happy Horsing

" Best Care,....Anywhere !!"